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Leaders and Damaged Relationships

Leaders do things. Very often that “doing” entails change. This drive to do something mixed with ambition and wrapped in personality appeals to some while repulsing others. Leadership, however, isn't fully in our drive, ambition, or personality but in the influence we exert upon those who like and dislike us as its result.

It doesn't mean we are to be captive to the opinion of others rather we are to capture their opinion.

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William Salyards

Conflict isn’t going away. If people look to you for comment, opinion, decision and ultimately action, regardless your intent and desire for a better present, the stuff of disagreements will remain. It isn’t a reflection upon your ability or integrity but the confluence of people and the competition of values.

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Dependency In the Workplace

Childhood and parent relationships can be reflected within the workplace. A way this can occur is by our exhibiting signs of dependency. Dependency in this sense simply means we are, at some level, dependent upon a person or understanding that we consider superior to us. Harry Levinson in his book titled “Executive: The Guide to Responsive Management,” said four aspects of this issue are especially relevant to good organizational fit.

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