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Four Maps by Which We Live

In brief but broad strokes, our living can be thought of as in and across four dimensions. I call these the “Four Maps by Which We Live.” What makes them stand out for us is their being a source of conflicts, emotions, experiences, and defenses that extend through our private lives to our relationships, and even our workplaces.

Though never mentioned, much less, discussed, you and I feel their presence in all we do as they shape the questions by which we examine all our practices. They are our thoughts around meaning, morality, money, and mortality.

Meaning is where we resolve conflicts about what we believe, ultimately arriving at what is valuable to us.

Morality is where we resolve our desires, coming to terms with what we allow and answering what is permissible.

Money deals with how we address the issues of our Security and in the process answer what is obtainable and finally what we pursue.

Mortality is where we settle our end and come to terms with what is possible answering what we will do with our one and precious life.

While these can be the source of conflict or emotional tension as we encounter anxiety about some of their aspects, they are likewise how we frame our experiences and what we defend. If you’ve ever encountered inconsistency in words or actions, in yourself, employees, or managers, there’s a good chance one or more of these Maps isn’t as clear as it could be.

William Salyards