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Faith and Leadership

How is it possible that something as ethereal as faith can be related to leadership? I believe it is, in fact, think we ignore it at our peril.

Regardless the context, faith is a journey into unknowing and the unknowable. Pretty good chance at this point you could be thinking that I just proved the question: faith and leadership cannot be related. But wait a minute, please.

To exercise faith is to dance with mystery; some things we know and some things we don't. Isn't the same true of leadership? Excellence in leadership is not determined by unfettered confidence but grounded authenticity, the authenticity that admits what we don't know, accepts that some we can't know yet inspires confidence to press on.

It's here that leadership meets its crux. For those who refuse to act until they know every corner, the texture of every decision, what is ahead at every turn, simply put, you won't act. Faith is necessary. What I mean is that leaders must become comfortable with not knowing and accepting that some they can't know.

It's only then that people can follow you with trust.

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