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Your Life IS Calling

If you’re asking “What does it mean?” or “What’s next?” the guides and worksheets in this book will help you discover how the threads of our experiences can become the tapestry of our life and calling. Find the one common strand that propelled you forward and the path for which you’re divinely fashioned.

Who uses this eBook? People at transitions in their career and age or who are attempting to decide their “next step.” (20 pages)

How to Design a Mentor Program

Mentoring is a small word that encompasses a large territory and has benefits that can span an entire career. Follow the guides and worksheets in this book and start a mentoring program that will help retain employees, increase professionalism, and improve job performance.

Who uses this eBook? Business owners, managers, and organizational leaders. (23 pages)

Entrepreneurship: the What and How

Want to start your own business, to go out on your own? You may be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs organize, manage, and assume the risks of starting and operating an enterprise. Through the guides and worksheets in this book learn the 14 characteristics for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Who uses this eBook? Experienced and first time would be business owners wanting to assure their greatest chance of success. (35 pages)


Leadership and Social Narrative

My work in social narrative provided a lens for viewing leadership that has been unique in my experience. If we consider that leadership is the ways and means of wielding influence within a social system, then how that system is comprised becomes very important. Narrative is an essential element of our humanity and foundational to all social systems. My hope is that your understanding of people and our humanity will be helped, as was mine, by what is here.



Leadership and Change

Below you’ll find links to articles about change in organizations. They are based in my research in social narrative and organizational/congregational life. I hope you find them helpful.