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How We Grow

We are at once born with potential and coming into that same potential. It’s something of an “already but not yet” movement. The interplay is what we experience as growth.

That growth is multi-dimensional encompassing all that is our psyche and physical. The linkage between these is, in my understanding, closer than we might think possible. In other words, our growth in one depends upon growth in the other. It means we are best prepared for life and work as we deal with our whole person.

The key element and mechanism that makes for growth is the obligation to transcend and include the events and moment of experience. It is an act of integration where we’re able to get clear about what is about us and what is about life.

This clarity occurs as we change our viewpoint from the events and moments of life being about us (well, they are about us in effect, aren’t they? We do feel them). So long as what was and what is remains about me it cannot become an object but remains subject. To grow, to transcend and include our experiences, they must become objects. Not devoid of memory or emotion but neither the lens through and by which we see ourselves.

I think of people whose experience was so defining as to cast them forever in its shadow. They grew because they transcended and included it in their life, moving the experience from the lens by which they saw themselves to the activity in which they were engaged. Would you like to explore another perspective? You can book a free coaching introduction with me at https://www.willsalyards.com/contact/. Select “Introduction.”