Will Salyards
Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

About Will Salyards, PhD

Coach & Mentor


As a certified coach, I coach leaders for personal and professional development. This is most often in one on one conversations but can be in groups. I also conduct workshops for leadership development.


About ME

I work as a development coach and mentor to organizational leaders/managers and emerging leaders. I’m aided in this by my experience leading non-profit and for-profit organizations, my work in social psychology, and that as a Professor of Leadership Studies. My PhD is from Gonzaga University and my MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. I served as Chair, The International Leadership Association, Public Leadership; and am a member the International Coaches Federation, American Society for Training and Development, the International Leadership Association and affiliate member the International Society for Coaching Psychology and a Hogan Certified Consultant. Some personal notes are below.

A little more about me

The greater part of my life has been given to helping people through their moments and onto a broader understanding. It’s meant dealing with grief, accomplishment, disappointment, and success but common to all has been the hopeful thread of our human development-the promise of tomorrow-and belief that endings are opportunities for new beginnings.

Of course, getting here took time and my own experiences with disappointment as well as success. It meant that after high school, college and graduate schooling took another 11 years (I guess you could say I’m just a slow learner). Following ordination to Christian ministry, I led in congregations large and small and in business as vice president and have been teaching leadership to Masters and PhD students as well as coaching/mentoring leaders and managers for the last several years.

My wife Debbie and I have been married since 1981. We have three great kids and six fantastic grandchildren and live outside of Sacramento, California. In my free time I absolutely love boating (being on the water is simply the best) and cycling (it’s next to being on the water).