Will Salyards
Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

About Will Salyards, PhD

Coach & Mentor


As a certified coach, I coach leaders for personal and professional development. This is most often in one on one conversations but can be in groups. I also conduct workshops for leadership development.


About ME

I work as a development coach and mentor to organizational leaders/managers and emerging leaders. I’m aided in this by my experience leading non-profit and for-profit organizations, my work in social psychology, and that as a Professor of Leadership Studies. My PhD is from Gonzaga University and my MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. I served as Chair, The International Leadership Association, Public Leadership; and am a member the International Coaches Federation, Certified Coaches Alliance, American Society for Training and Development, and the International Leadership Association.

A litte more about me

After high school, college and graduate schooling took another 11 years. I guess you could say I’m just a slow learner. Following ordination to Christian ministry I led in congregations large and small and in business as vice president and have been teaching leadership to Masters and doctoral students as well as coaching/mentoring leaders for the last several years.

Debbie and I have been married since 1981. We have three great kids and five fantastic grandchildren and live outside of Sacramento, California.

In my free time I absolutely love boating (being on the water is simply the best) and cycling (it’s next to being on the water). Debbie and I along with our children attend Adventure Christian Church in Rocklin, California.