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Manager Development

“Managers are those tasked with aligning the demands of the organization for efficiency and the expectations of members for relationship. As such, they are key to your success; train them well.” —Will Salyards


  • Managing People and What Concerns Them
  • Fundamentals of Management I: How Organizations Form and Work
  • Fundamentals of Management II: What Managers Do
  • Managing and Growing People I: Managers and Employee Performance
  • Managing and Growing People II: Managers and Teams
  • Managing and Growing People III: Managers and Communication

The significant growth and national exposure our company experienced quickly exceeded the capacity of our leadership team. Your training workshops and individual coaching were exactly what we needed and enabled our team to reach their leadership potential.
— Jeff, CEO

Leader Development

“The primary difference between leaders and managers has as much to do with their role as it does their person. A leader’s role is more concerned with strategy while that of a manager tends to the tactical: one deals in long-range issues and the other in the day to day.” —Will Salyards

  • Developmental Review
  • Skill and Personality Assessments
  • 360 Review
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Mentoring