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What's Your Story?

Discerning the story of our life can be very rewarding but like most things we do having an example helps, especially one that enables us to feel less strange about who we are. David, the ancient king of Israel, is one such example. His life had a grand horizon to which every event pointed so that at his end he was memorialized with, “When David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep.” I think most of us would like something similar said about us.

Yet as beautiful and provoking as those words are they give only the sum of his life, not its parts. To learn about those you have to read his writings. Here the whole of his life isn’t on display – just its moments.

Unknown to David his life became an example. But you may not think him such a great example after you read of his murdering the husband of the woman he slept with, the death of his child conceived in an affair, the treachery against him and that led to the murder of an entire village, the betrayal that nearly ended his life, and his homelessness.

Like David, our life is comprised of moments that have given shape to the person we’ve become. And like David our best way forward is to admit the truth. That’s what these stories are: Stories of a man examining his brokenness and through them trying to find a way forward.

David shows us that our story is written best when it’s written fully and that it’s written fully when we acknowledge a higher oversight in each and every line. To explore your own story download the free guide, “Your Life is Calling. Are You Listening?” Coaching can be helpful too. Want to talk? Try a “Free Coaching Sampler.”