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Your Life is Calling. Are You Listening?

Think it might be true that our life is shaped to do a particular thing? What if it were possible to know "that thing?" Would you be interested? The question comes largely from my own journey, as does the answer. But I’m joined by a host of others who agree that our lives aren’t meant for aimless wandering or to be filled with unsatisfying work. Instead, our affirmations, experiences, and desire shape us for a particular purpose. What could be yours? What could your one wild and precious life be calling you to fulfill? Here are four steps that could help you in your discovery. You can download the free Life Calling Guide at the end of this article.

Remember Your Affirmations When we remember our affirmations we recall the words of those who have witnessed our potential. Their words affirmed our choice or expanded our thinking about what we were capable of doing. In short, it's every instance that you can possibly recall where someone, in some way, affirmed you were capable. Try it! Take a notepad and write every good thing that has ever been said about your potential. I bet you will be surprised.

Recall Your Experiences Recalling our experiences is to make a chronological timeline of what we did, where we did it, what we learned about ourselves, and what changed in us as a result. These experiences, whether thought of as good or bad, had a shaping effect upon us. You can probably think of some right now.

Think About What You Do Well and Why Now while looking back and around you, think about the things you did and do well. This isn't random but focused in three specific areas: Talent, Knowledge, and Skills. Talent is our natural ability. Knowledge is not what we learn but what we already know; it is innate knowing. And Skills are our learned abilities. Go ahead. Ask yourself, "What is it that I do well in these three areas."

Create a Narrative By this point you have made some very thoughtful and insightful lists. Start combining the information and nuance it into a narrative about your potential and desire. Then include your natural and developed abilities. It takes work and time but hearing your Life Calling is worth it. Need some help? Download the free "Life Calling" guide.